The Healey family started in school bus transportation, back in the 1950's, when Martin and Marguerite Healey owned and operated the Robin Hood Day Camp in North Reading,Massachusetts.


Martin worked for the Lynn school department, and ran the camp during the summer.  Marguerite raised five children, drove a school bus station wagon during the school year, and also worked as co-director of the camp.


The camp needed transportation from the surrounding communities, and added one bus along with the existing station wagon. After many years, the camp closed, and Martin had one bus remaining. He asked his youngest son, Mark, if he would be interested in taking the vehicle over.


So, in 1989, Mark took the bus and started doing an after school program, and soon Healey Bus Incorporated was born.


25 years later, Healey Bus has nearly 50 full size Yellow and Black school buses, and a growing number of clients, from public and private schools, to corporations and churches, and even brides to be.